DJ Khaled’s Keys to Success

They Don't Want You to Have Them

Isaac Rhodes, Staff Writer

From music production mogul to Snapchat sensation, DJ Khaled has quickly become a social media phenomenon with an average of two million people viewing his Snapchat stories every day. In his Snapchats, Khaled records videos of his daily life and provides his viewers with what he considers extremely valuable (and often extremely comical) keys to success. Let’s walk with Khaled, as we follow him as our guide through the journey of more success.

Keys to success :

  1. Breakfast – MAJOR KEY

Khaled always begins his mornings in the same fashion: Shuffling out to his kitchen in his ‘We the Best” branded slides while saying something along the lines of “Good morning. Bless up. Let’s see what we got for breakfast. Chef Dee what’s good?” Although we don’t all have the luxury of our own personal chef, we can still win more every morning with a good breakfast. Khaled typically starts off his day with egg whites, wheat toast, turkey sausage, and, of course, water.

  1. Watering your plants

Khaled’s plants probably receive more water than the entire state of California. Honestly, he might be over-watering them, as even on days where it rains, Khaled is still out there blessing his plants, which include a tree that apparently grows apple flavored Ciroc. He also names them; one is named Shirley and another is Jah Rastafari. Maybe his plants are a metaphor for some of the finer things in life, only growing and blooming if you put in time and effort. Or maybe he just loves all of the pretty colors. One thing is for sure though: his garden is the best looking one on Snapchat.

  1. Avoid “they” (because “they” don’t want you to succeed)

DJ Khaled is always advising his viewers to stay away from “they.” While it is unclear who exactly “they” are, what is clear is that they are your enemy and do not want you to be successful. Here are a just a few things that Khaled says “they” don’t want you to do: eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner, be in a Wraith with stars in the roof, have a No. 1 record, be on a Jet Ski doing 360’s, smoke cigars in your jacuzzi, have a fresh cut, have thirteen gold chains, have smooth skin, have teeth like diamonds, smile, or win.

  1. Stay focused

Perhaps the most valuable of all of Khaled’s keys is to stay focused. It is also the most ironic considering that Khaled recently crashed his new Ferrari because he was Snapchatting while driving instead of staying focused on the road. Khaled believes that to be truly successful and win as much as he does, you must be extremely focused on obtaining your goals and overcoming your struggles.

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