Brebeuf Seniors Confront College Choices

Out-of-State Options

N’Dos Onochie, Staff Writer

When it comes to college, students don’t always have to think inside the box of Indiana.

Many students in Brebeuf’s senior class have decided to apply to colleges all over the United States, seeking a new surrounding and a fresh perspective.  Here are a few of the schools they have been applying to and what they find most attractive about these institutions of higher learning.

Jenny Vukas- University of Colorado, Boulder.

Jenny stated that UC’s campus is very beautiful and is basically like IU in the mountains. When it comes to the weather, she said it is really comfortable year-round. Another good thing she noted about University of Colorado is that it has a very nice entrepreneurship program in the business school. Another thing to note, according to Vukas, is that when it comes to student life, the university has a very prominent Greek presence and huge campus, making it easy to meet a new person each day. The only down side would happen to be the cost of the university: $34,125 for out-of-state residents. Vukas said that one word to describe University of Colorado is “chill.”

Gerard Carthy- Tulane

What piqued Carthy Carthy’s interest in Tulane is that it happened to be a mile away from New Orleans, but that’s not the only thing that made him apply to this bustling school. According to Carthy, the campus seems very vibrant and offers an endless amount of activities and opportunities for its student body. Another great thing Carthy took into account was how the school is ranked in the top 50 best colleges in the United States and had an outstanding biochemistry program; it’s also the only college to provide a public health and tropical disease school. When asked one phrase or word to describe Tulane, Carthy said “Mardi Gras.”

Mitchell Horn- University of Virginia

Horn has been visiting the University of Virginia every year since he was young, which is one of many reasons why he applied there. Some other factors he took into consideration were the way the campus looks, the programs the university offers, and how the college will have an impact on his career in the future. Horn said the campus was very lovely with colonial-era architectural details, many designed by Thomas Jefferson, who founded the university. UVa is located in Charlottesville, the epitome of a college town. UVa is considered a mid-sized campus and is home to 15,000 students. The program Horn wants to go into at University of Virginia is business and maybe politics. The school is very close to Washington D.C., so that’s perfect for students who plan on working in politics. A fun fact Horn had to say about the University of Virginia is that it won the award for best college in the entire country for all sports. When asked one word to describe University of Virginia, Horn said “historical.”

Brooke Turner- UC Santa Barbara

Turner has always been in love with California living, which is why she decided to apply to the University of California in Santa Barbara. The nice weather and huge campus, actually located on a beach, really intrigued her. When Turner was asked something that could be said about UC Santa Barbara, she said that it is a very vibrant school that is perfect if you are a people person like she is. Turner went on to say that Santa Barbara is her oasis, and she feels that her true self would come out if she goes there. The only downside to going to the university would have to be that it cost $36,743 for out-of-state tuition. One word to describe UC Santa Barbara, according to Turner, is “paradise.”

Jeff Ellison- University of North Carolina

When Jeff Ellison was asked what out of state college he applied to, his answer was the University of North Carolina. Ellison’s reason for applying to this well-rounded school was that the campus is a very nature-centric, suburban college town, and they have a garden students can run through for hours on end. When it comes to the weather, UNC is generally nicer than Indy. UNC is considered a large state school with a really good football and basketball team, but those aren’t the only great things about it. The school has an outstanding business program, which Ellison said is a good platform for potential career options. Another reason Ellison was intrigued by the university is because it’s been his dream to live near the Atlantic coast, and going to UNC would definitely fulfill that dream of his. Like UC Boulder and Santa Barbara, the cost is high for out of state students: $33,644. When it comes to one word that would describe UNC, Ellison said it would have to be “the future.”

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