The Perfect Playlist

The Best Way to Experience Your Favorite Music

Tori Blum, Staff Writer

Whether you are taking up amateur DJing, intensely working out, roadtripping with your friends, or cleaning your room, the perfectly composed music playlist is a necessity. But it’s not always easy to find.  Pandora has some really well developed radio stations, and sometimes your Spotify Discover Weekly is exactly what you want, but pre-made playlists can feel generic and often miss the mark.

Sometimes playlist-making needs to be taken into your own hands, so you can create a playlist that is quintessentially you and properly represents your musical taste and the event you are scoring. There are many tricks and tips to have in mind when creating your very own playlist, but every playlist begins with choosing the right music program

Start your playlist by choosing your favorite music program. There are hundreds of apps to choose from; Spotify, iTunes, 8Track, Google Play, etc. By using your favorite program you will know how the playlist process works and won’t be confused when it comes to composing your perfect playlist.

Step #2 is to upload all of the music you like. You want the variety of your entire music library when creating a playlist.

Nicole Cifani, a music blogger, suggests that if you have a lot of music material at hand, maybe go through and pick out your favorites. When you make a playlist you do not want to be stuck going through a countless number of Smashmouth albums when “All Star” is the only song you want for your playlist.

Step #3 is picking the way you are going to organize your playlist. Do you want your playlist to have a songs representing the same genre; a classic rock playlist or a hip-hop playlist? What about a consistent theme; like 80’s pop classic tunes, break-up songs, or favorite movie soundtracks? Or do you want you playlist to be made for a specific occasion; morning commute playlist or working out playlist?

Whichever genre, theme, or occasion you pick, Cifani says that you must stay true to your decision, so you don’t end up with a playlist filled with unrelated songs and an inconsistent theme.

Other Guidelines to Follow:

  1. Don’t be afraid to add music you don’t know
  2. You want a good combination of high and low songs
  3. Have a playlist that mixes classic songs you know all the words to and brand new modern hits
  4. Start your playlist with a hook or a catchy song, this will get you excited for the songs to come.