Second Semester Struggles

10 Tips to Staying Motivated

Rachel Honesto, Staff Writer


All Brebeuf students know that second semester can be difficult with the bitter, cold weather weighing down and SB2K16 being a major distraction on the horizon. Knowing this, here are ten tips from some knowledgeable people in the Brebeuf community in order to help tackle those second semester blues.

  1. Dean Adams: “Students who are most involved at Brebeuf have an easier time keeping up with their schoolwork.”
  2. Mr. Hamlett: “Students should at least do enough to keep their parents at bay.”
  3. Rogeno Malone ‘16: “While studying, take small breaks every thirty minutes. Also, make a good study playlist to listen to while working.”
  4. Mrs. Newman: “This sounds really cliché, but keep your eyes on the prize.”
  5. Austin Wodock ‘16: “Try eliminating all distractions in order to really focus.”
  6. Ms. Keele: “Taking AP classes really helps challenge students and helps in keeping them motivated.”
  7. Rachel Efroymson ‘16: “Stay focused so that you can keep your GPA up.”
  8. Mr. Moore: “For seniors, you want to stay motivated so that colleges don’t rescind your acceptances. It’s important to stay sharp academically to close out senior year so that the transition to college will be easier.”
  9. Julianna Connelly ‘16: “I have a sweet tooth, so I keep a pack of M&Ms next to me while doing homework, and I eat a couple of them whenever I accomplish something.”
  10. Ms. Moore: “What really fires me up is the scene from Love Actually where Hugh Grant dances. That really gets me going.”
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