Deadpool Slices its Way into Theatres

Ryan Reynolds Stars in a New Kind of Superhero Movie

Deadpool Slices its Way into Theatres

Lucas Robins, Staff Writer


For February 2016, one day stands above the rest as the most anticipated day of the month. Not Valentine’s day, but February 12th claims its spot as the best day of the month, as that day is when the long awaited movie Deadpool comes to theatres. Were you expecting a different answer? Who needs a day of sappy love in February when they could see a superhero movie unlike anything ever seen on the big screen?

No matter if you are a romantic comedy movie fan or a superhero movie fan, Deadpool has a familiar face at the front and center: Ryan Reynolds. From memorable movies National Lampoon’s Van Wilder and The Change-Up to his very forgettable superhero roles in  X-Men Origins- Wolverine and Green Lantern, Reynolds has displayed a diverse set of acting chops. Despite his numerous roles, the role of Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, should be a familiar one to him, as he played the same role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine before the producers took away the best part of Deadpool, his mouth. In that movie, Wilson’s mouth was taped shut in the finale, and he was a mute for the end of the movie, which is a stark contrast to how the character should be and will be portrayed. Realizing their fault in that movie, Fox decided to reboot the character, give him back his mouth, and give him his own movie with Reynolds returning as Merc With A Mouth.

For those unfamiliar with Deadpool as a character, his story is different from other superhero stories, as he is also an anti-hero. Wade Wilson is stricken by terminal cancer and is desperate to find a cure. He signs up for the Weapon X program, the same program that gave Wolverine his metal claws, to cure him and then some. There, he is subject to terrible experiments that give him extraordinary regenerative powers but at the cost of his looks and his sanity. He is able to escape from the Weapon X facility and becomes what he calls a hero for hire, or mercenary. But when a former lover of his is kidnapped by the same people who gave him his powers, he must become a hero.

Deadpool will also feature a few other well-known actors and actresses as side characters. Comedian and actor TJ Miller will appear as Deadpool’s friend and further comedic relief, Weasel; Morena Baccarin from Fox’s TV show Gotham as Deadpool’s “future baby mama,” Copycat; Ed Skrein from Transporter Refueled and Game of Thrones (Daario Naharis #1) as the villainous Ajax; and, of course, a Stan Lee cameo. With such a talented cast and a clear character direction with the movie, there is reason for excitement from these actors.

Of the superpowered characters in Deadpool, only three have been confirmed: Deadpool, X-Men Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. With two X-Men shown in the trailers, rumours of a possible Hugh Jackman appearance as Wolverine are running rampant, though there has been no confirmation of Jackman in the movie.  

What can audiences expect from both the movie and the character Deadpool? Expect a lot of 4th wall breaks, cursing, violence, promiscuity, and dark humour out the character. Deadpool is rated R in theatres and really earns that rating. Just ask Mario Lopez. This is not a movie to take kids to, and it is not being presented as such. From the red band trailers to the promotional posters, the movie’s PR department has advertised this movie for mature audiences. Deadpool isn’t like other heroes. He commonly uses guns and swords when he fights and has little to no moral code. He is a mercenary, an assassin, an antihero, and might do the righteous thing if he feels like it (or if it benefits him). This is an unhinged and eccentric character who is not to be underestimated.

While Deadpool doesn’t appear to be an award worthy movie, it is still a very ambitious movie for Fox and should be respected for its risks. That said, this movie might have offensive and controversial content, so audiences are suggested to not take the movie seriously, as the title character surely won’t.