Love in Other Countries

V-Day Around the World

Lauren Snyder, Staff Writer

For couples, Valentine’s Day is the most predictable day of the year. From getting flowers, chocolate and cards, February 14th is celebrated in typically the same fashion year after year, at least here in the United States. Throughout the world, however, each county marks this day of love in its own way.

South Korea:    This Asian nation takes tradition and gives a whole new meaning to it. On February 14th, the gift giving roles change. On Valentine’s Day, the females give flowers, chocolates, and other gifts to their significant others; March 14th is then the males’ turn to give gifts.

Philippines:    Getting engaged or married on Valentine’s Day is common in the US, but having back-to-back weddings with hundreds of strangers isn’t. In the Philippines, it is common for there to be mass weddings. Hundreds of people will go to churches, malls, or other public areas to get married on February 14th.

Denmark:    If getting the standard flowers and chocolates seems boring, then Denmark is the place to find something different. On Valentine’s Day, Danes will give snow flops, a snowflake design cutout from paper. A gaekkebrev, a joking letter, is also commonly given.

Spain:    Another country that steers away from the “traditions” of Valentine’s Day is Spain. According to Sra. Brown, Spaniards will give books to one another on this day.

Mexico:   Mexico’s Valentine’s Day is very similar to the United States’. Mexico practices the same rituals as America does, like giving chocolate and flowers. Sra. Woodcock remembers that when she was in elementary school, she and her classmates made Valentine’s cards.

France:   It’s no surprise that Paris, the city of love, celebrates Valentine’s Day. The French version of this holiday is very similar to that of the United States, as roses and chocolates are commonly given. According to Marianne Bourrelly, who participated in the Brebeuf Toulouse exchange program, in France, couples will typically spend Valentine’s Day at the cinema or bowling alley.

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