Troye Sivan Rocks the House of Blues

Australian You-Tuber Hits the Big Time


Rachel Honesto, Staff Writer


Lights dim, the crowd pushes forward in anticipation, and a slightly remixed intro of Troye Sivan’s song “BITE” begins to play. The Chicago crowd frantically looks from one side of the stage to the other, awaiting the arrival of the up-and-coming 20-year-old actor, singer, and YouTuber from Australia. The moody song buzzes the crowd, and when Sivan finally strolls to the mic, screams emit from every corner of the compact House of Blues venue to begin an intimate, unforgettable performance from Sivan on the brisk, Chicago night of February 22, 2016.

Some are crying, some are straining their arms in order to get a video of Sivan, and some are doing both. Sivan interacts with the crowd by reaching for hands, serenading fans in the front row, and dancing about the stage. One fan claimed that the singer’s dancing could be compared to an air dancer (those inflatables often found outside of car dealerships). After two songs from the artist, Sivan greets the crowd with, “What’s going on Chicago? My name is Troye Sivan!” as if the hundreds of people in the room did not know.

But who would have ever guessed that Sivan, originally born in South Africa, would be selling out shows in a place as well known as Chicago? The singer mentioned it himself before his fourth song of the night: “And at the time I had all these questions about my future, you know? I didn’t know if I was, like, going to be able to find a partner, or have a family, or be able to live my dream and play shows in places like Chicago,” nodding his head to the cheers at the mention of the city. Sivan went on to say that he was wondering questions like these when he was “about 14 or 15,” and they were the inspiration for writing his next song, “HEAVEN.” Similarly, most of the artist’s music is inspired by his own life experiences and relationships, including his most popular songs “YOUTH” and “FOOLS.”

Back in Chicago, the eardrum-shattering screaming is never-ending, and the crowd continues to support Sivan by singing every word of his every song. Some highlights of the concert include the moment when Sivan let a fan help him tie his shoe, when he sang an acoustic version of his very first single, and when he put on a Drake “Hotline Bling” hat thrown onstage from the crowd. Although Sivan mentioned that he was feeling a bit ill, there were no signs of it ever affecting his performance. The crowd still chanted “Troye, Troye, Troye!” when he left stage, and Sivan managed to get out two final encore songs for the extremely enthusiastic House of Blues crowd.

In short, ask most anyone, and they will be unfamiliar with Sivan. However, the singer’s music catches on quickly, seeing how his debut album, “Blue Neighborhood,” released December 4, 2015, reached a high of number seven in the US charts. Also, Sivan’s pop-sounding music and LGBTQ identity attract a vast crowd of young teens of different genders. Thus, his quickly growing and diverse audience makes it clear to see the potential for greatness in this rising artist.