Brebeuf Dominates State Dance Competition

A Behind-the-Scenes-Look at the Dance Team

Liz Staruszkiewicz, Staff Writer

March holds an abundance of meanings: March Madness, start of the 4th quarter of the school year, St. Patty’s Day, Easter, etc.

For the Brebeuf dance team, March means State. After a long, 10-month season filled with concussions, pulled muscles, bleeding feet, and aching joints, the dance team finally faced what we have worked so hard for: the possibility to win a second consecutive State title.

Although we are renowned for our fun performance dances during halftime at Brebeuf’s football and basketball games, a majority of our weekly practices are spent perfecting each competition dance style (hip hop, jazz, ensemble, 8 solos, and a duet). As few people know, our season began in May. Throughout June and July, practices for the entire team were scheduled every Monday and Wednesday for workouts, learning performance dances, trick practice, and advanced technique. A few choreography camps were also held in the summer on Saturdays and Sundays, where professional choreographers taught our hip hop, jazz, and ensemble routines. Everyone on the dance team is required to compete in hip hop; however, jazz and ensemble are optional to try out for and compete in. Each dance differs in genre but equals in difficulty and endurance. It’s a very big accomplishment that each of our dances advanced onto state.

As a four year member of a state-winning dance team, I cannot express how much of a commitment it is to be part of this team. Even though the act of dancing is based on one’s own physical control, dancing as a team requires a selfless heart and collective energy. This year has especially been quite a challenge as our coach, Ann Coan, moved to North Carolina for family purposes. Although she remained our head coach for the season by visiting every few months and keeping close contact over email/text, the change in dynamic demanded that every dance member step up and fully commit to the success of the team. It’s been a crazy year I must say, but every small obstacle we’ve faced was worth it because we came home with a State title.

Brebeuf Dance won the 2016 IHSDTA AA Jazz division, placed runner-up in AA Hip Hop with the highest score of the season, and took 6th in Large Ensemble. Chloe Delumpa ‘16 placed 8th and Marcy Hiller ‘17 placed 9th in the Senior Solo category and, together, were awarded 3rd place in Senior Duet. It was a very successful weekend for the dance team and a great way to top off the season.

The bus ride home was spent reminiscing on favorite memories and stories of being on the dance team. Tears, hugs, and laughter were shared to celebrate the end the 2015/2016 season. For the seniors, it was also a time to thank each dance member for an amazing last year on a high school dance team. Chloe Delumpa, Emma Latz, Avery Dawes, Maia Mitchell, and I have spent a majority of our high school careers growing close through the Brebeuf dance team. It will be a hard goodbye for all of us as we move on to the next stage of life, but the bonds and memories that the Brebeuf dance team brought will always be held in our hearts.