Intramural Basketball Tournament Review


Braden Wagle, Sports Editor

Thursday, March 10th ended another great intramural basketball season at Brebeuf. The season had a lot of ups and downs. From a preseason number-one team (BTPU) going 2-4, to the Born Stars, who were not in the top five, winning it all. This season was unpredictable.

The year started with three major teams: Back That Pass Up, Practice Squad, and Papa Weaves. BTPU had been to back-to-back Final Fours in the last two years and had added previous varsity starter Josh Bonifield. Practice Squad was made up of many players cut from the school team and had lots of basketball experience led by Andrew Macy. Papa Weaves was coming off their first Final Four appearance and added Rex Hourigan. Papa Weaves started their year by beating the Born Stars, not having any idea they would meet again in the Final Four.

The Underclassmen started to play very well, with Skillz and the Flock both getting into the top five multiple times. When the tourney started, most thought the Born Stars were over seeded and should have been lower. That ended up being far from the truth. Led by Jay Gunderson, Tom Caffrey, and Jamie Born, the Born Stars made their first Final Four. Skillz beat BTPU to arrive at their first Final Four. Both of these teams went in as underdogs, but made it past these tough matchups for a spot in the Championship.

In the Championship, The Born Stars led the whole way, but Skillz stayed in it. In the end, Born Stars took home the championship. Alec Kersteff said, “If Tom Caffrey isn’t an all-star, than I don’t know how those are picked. He is probably the best intramural defender I’ve seen.”

The All-Star rosters will be released very soon, and the last chapter for another Intramural season will be written.