Young Republicans and Democrats Diversity Dialogue

Photo Credit: Molly Conners

Photo Credit: Molly Conners

Photo Credit: Molly Conners

Natanya Katz, Staff Writer

A diversity dialogue hosted by the Young Democrats and Young Republicans was held during third period on Monday, October 16th. Both clubs were represented by three students who discussed how their party’s policies on the topics of healthcare, poverty, immigration demonstrate social justice. The Young Democrats were represented by Conor Swan (’18), Will O’Connor (’19),  and Nikki Lescano (‘19). The Young Republicans were represented by Shaan Mishra (’21), Ava Lowry (’20), and Carson Jones (’19). The program began with a prayer and a note on respectful dialogue.

On the topic of poverty, Ava Lowry (‘20) of the Young Republicans, argued that the Republican party’s backing of capitalism is a way for working-class Americans to work their way up. Shaan Mishra (‘21) spoke about the Republican policies and plans for healthcare. He argued that many federal programs manifest themselves as “handouts” to poor Americans. The right’s plans embody social justice and fairness by using proposals in which poor healthcare recipients contribute a small amount to their insurance. Carson Jones spoke about immigration and argued that immigration control is about keeping violence out and protecting Americans.

Conor Swan (‘18) of the Young Democrats presented the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and the importance of covering Americans with pre-existing conditions as well as previously uninsured or underinsured Americans. Will O’Connor (‘19)of the Young Democrats presented how policies that provide services to the poorest among us, are not “handouts” but opportunities to get a career in motion. He pointed out that Americans living off the current minimum wage are living below the poverty line. He also presented the importance of other federal programs in reducing poverty. Nikki Lescano (‘19) finished off the dialogue by touching on immigration policies and stressed the idea of not repeating history and harmful immigration restrictions of the past.


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