Barcelona Interview

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Barcelona Interview

Meredyth Jones '19, Staff Writer

This August through September Brebeuf had the pleasure of hosting a group of students from Barcelona. They were here for a total of 3 weeks, engaging in many exciting activities. They went to football games, soccer games, visited the lucas oil stadium, got to try american restaurants, and many more. Before the exchange students left I decided to interview them and find out what they thought about their experience in Indianapolis. I interviewed Victor Zlaya. Me: “What is your favorite restaurant that you have been to here that you don’t have back home?”

Victor: “chik fil a for sure”

Me: “Have you learned any new words since being here?”

Victor: “No not really because I have been to america before, but i like to say bet.”

Me: “what is your favorite american sport?”

Victor: “The Redskins and american football. I love american football.”

  • “I loved the lucas oil stadium”
  • “We went actually into the feild and thats why i really like it. We also went to the andrew luck locker and it was really cool. We went on a tour to the place where the players change.”

Victor: “Everything is bigger compared to spain, your houses are huge. Your cars are bigger, the speedways, everything is much more spread out”

Me: “have you learned any new music or songs while being here?”

Victor: “21 savage, post malone, xxx, tacashi, and uzi are my favorite ones I’ve been introduced to.”

Me: “any last thoughts?”

Victor: “Every american girl is blond. Everyone actually asks me for the politics in catalonia spain because we have this real-world conflict.”

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