Roller Derby


Jennifer LaMaster

Nick Boccone '20, Web & Media Editor

Interview with Eilidh Ferries-Rowe:

Interviewer: So my first question is pretty simple. I looked up roller derby to learn about it for this article but I’m sure the majority of readers might not know exactly what the sport is and how is it played?

Eilidh: Roller derby is where you go around the track and hit people; more detailed there are 4 people from each team that make up the pack and one jammer from each team. that is 8 people that make up a pack and two jammers; you try and stop the other team’s jammer by hitting them or stopping them with your hips with the help of your teammates.

Interviewer: I was just wondering how you got into roller derby? How did you find out about the sport and local teams?

Eilidh: I got into roller derby from a friend who asked if I wanted to join and I said sure; there was just a bulletin up at our school that she saw and then asked me.

Interviewer: I have heard that your team is pretty good so I was wondering if you could just offer some information about your team and your season?

Eilidh: Our fall season starts in September, that is about a two month season. Our winter/spring/summer season starts in February. bouts and tournaments really just depend on the season. in the fall we might have three bouts and in the spring season we have maybe 2 tournaments and 10 bouts but it really just depends.

Interviewer: Finally I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything so if you have anything that you haven’t mentioned that you think is necessary to the article I want to give you the opportunity to do that.

Eilidh: I don’t have anything more but if anyone is interested they should contact me at [email protected]org

The Arrow would like to personally thank Eilidh for giving us the opportunity to showcase her and her sport.