Major Step in the Right Direction: Brebeuf’s New Environmental Initiative


Ben Androne '20, Staff Writer

From the beginning of the school year, Brebeuf changed their cafeteria in order to become more environmentally acceptable. They now have reusable plates, reusable cups, and aluminum water cans instead of single use paper plates, styrofoam cups and plastic water bottles.

Many dirty plates, empty styrofoam cups and plastic bottles were being thrown away prior to this year. To fix this problem, they have invested in the new items. While many are on board with the new cups and plates, many students have been discouraged to buy new bottles because the school had to mark up the prices due to the new materials used. However, some students are still attracted to the water cans because they support Brebeuf’s mission to have less waste. Even though the new up charge causes many to veer away from purchasing water cans, people still buy them because they want to support Brebeuf and the mission they have.