Senior Portraits: Sign Up Now


Nick Boccone '20, Web & Media Editor

Each year, seniors are required to get senior portraits done. These portraits are used for the yearbook as a classy send off to all the seniors.

This year the deadline for senior portraits is October 1. Portraits are done at Prestige Portraits which is a photography studio located off of 116th St. in Carmel. 

There are several different options for students (and their parents) depending on what each student wants out of these pictures. The cheapest option cost $15 and includes 1 outfit, 1-2 backgrounds, and 4-6 poses. The most expensive option cost $75 and includes 4 outfits, 6-8 backgrounds, and 30-36 poses. There are also 2 other picture packages that vary in price. 

This process can differ in how much time it takes depending on what photography package you purchase, however in general, the experience is rather quick. It is important, though, that seniors sign up and go in before October 1 in order to have their picture in the yearbook, so check your email and sign up now if you haven’t already.