Brebeuf Dungeons and Dragons Club


Natanya Katz '21, Editor-in-Chief

The Brebeuf Dungeons and Dragons club has begun playing! The club, which is run by Mr.G, meets every Thursday and Friday after school for 2-3 hours. Dungeons and Dragons is a choose-your-own-adventure game in which each player creates their own character who will go through a storyline and obstacles. A player can pick their character’s race (drow, dwarf, elf, etc.) and whether they are good, evil, or neutral which is called their alignment. Each game of D&D consists of 4-6 players and is run by the game master (Mr.G, in this case), who creates the plot, obstacles, and characters that the players will face. Actions in the game are dictated by rolling a die.

Fransisco Torres ‘20 started been playing D&D with the Brebeuf club last year. He explains that although the Stereotype of the Dungeons and Dragons is that it’s very nerdy and anti-social, “it’s a game of imagination and fantasy . . . you are working and interacting with people.” He encourages that anyone interested in joining should come and watch a game and watch some online videos of it.