Happy birthday Ignatius

Jessie Singh '21, Editor-in-Chief

On this day, October 23rd, 529 years ago, Saint Ignatius of Loyola was born in the Basque region of Spain. Known to Jesuits and most students under Jesuit teaching, Saint Ignatius is the founder and patron saint of the Jesuit order. After his experience in the army after a devastating injury and during his recovery, Ignatius spent a lot of time in a state of self-reflection, causing him to seek God for a higher purpose. After spending time alone in discernment, mostly in a cavern in solitude, Ignatius began his travels as a beggar and aspiring scholar, eventually ending up in France and gathering followers to form his order, among them Saint Francis Xavier, and sought to teach others about the greater glory of God. As this day passes us it is important that we remember why we follow Jesuit traditions and what makes our order so special, seeking to be men and women for others, all for the greater glory of God.