Brebeuf Hockey Single Elimination Tournament


The Brebeuf Hockey Team Photo Credit: Clark Boccone

Colin Chambers, Executive Editor in Chief

The Brebeuf Hockey team will participate in a single elimination tournament this weekend at the Carmel Ice Stadium. The Braves have the potential of playing three games, one on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as long as they defeat teams such as Hamilton Southeastern and Bloomington.

Brebeuf is ranked #7 out of the 8 teams in the tournament. However, team manager Cam Durm ‘20 seems optimistic about the teams chances of going 3 games, claiming that “Bloomington is a good team, but we can take them. They are going down.”

Brebeuf was recently ranked as a 3A team for the state championship coming up in early March. The tournament will serve as the team’s last tournament to prepare for state.

The Brebeuf Hockey Team
Photo Credit: Clark Boccone