Colin’s Calendar: The real important holidays in May

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Colin Chambers '20, Executive Editor-in-Chief

May 5 – National Hoagie Day: Everyone knows the important holiday that falls on the fifth of May. The hoagie is a timeless classic. The versatility of the hoagie makes it a staple part of the American cuisine, and why you should respect and appreciate the hoagie and its cultural significance on May 5th.


May 9 – National Windmill Day: If you’ve ever driven through a rural part of Indiana, you are all too familiar with the sight of windmills. They may not be the prettiest things in the world, but windmills are actually an extremely valuable form of renewable energy because they work night and day, unlike solar panels. On May 9th, take some time to reflect on the importance and value of using windmills and other clean energy sources to power the world.


May 20 – Be a Millionaire day: Being a millionaire is a mindset. We can’t all be millionaires on this fateful day, but we can use this day to see what we would do if we were a millionaire. Would we needlessly spend our money or be smart and save and invest our money so future generations can be rewarded. Use this day to reflect on what you are doing to become a millionaire, and what you would do once you became a millionaire.


May 29 – Learn About Composting Day: Being environmentally friendly is extremely important. Composting is one of the many ways you can make a positive difference in making the world a greener place. If you want to help the environment and are curious about what composting is and how it actually helps the environment, today is a perfect day to research all about the benefits of composting.

Composting Day!
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