How are our students getting food?: the initiative to help students get meals during this pandemic

People helping to package food during the Coronavirus crisis as school food services are disrupted.
Photo Credit: JSOnline


People helping to package food during the Coronavirus crisis as school food services are disrupted. Photo Credit: JSOnline

Elisabeth Porter '23, Web & Media Editor

Imagine how much food you throw away per day, probably not a lot right? Wrong. About 150,000 tons of food gets thrown away each day. This means that one person throws away around one pound of food per day. Amid the coronavirus crisis, many students who rely on school lunches are wary about how they will get food. Some students, especially in schools where lunch/breakfast is free, rely especially on their school to provide them food. This meal may be the only access to food the student may receive.  

This is a pressing problem since many schools have closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This leads students to go to e-learning or online classes. Although this helps to stop the spread of this virus, how does this affect our students?

Across the US, millions rely on school lunches and more than 20 million are distributed each day for free. Throughout Indiana, the IPS school system has forged a partnership with Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana to provide meals to entire families. The IPS Food Service team will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other additional foods to their students throughout the city. These meals are prepackaged meals that are distributed on Mondays and Wednesdays and will provide food for the remaining days of the week. This new distribution system will provide many students with three healthy and nutritious meals. 

Brebeuf has also offered meals for their students. In the first of the campus being closed, Brebeuf sent out an email to the members of the St. Ignatian Scholars scholarship who receive financial support regarding books and meals. Just this past week, Brebeuf handed out Meijer gift cards to help those purchasing foods. Brebeuf urges any students and families to reach out to anyone at the school if they are having problems receiving food.

Many schools throughout the country are making sure that their students are being fed. This initiative, although hard to provide, is helping many students survive this pandemic. 

If you are a Brebeuf Jesuit student in need of food or meal assistance, please click this link:

People helping to package food
Photo Credit: JSOnline