Senior Rituals: the silly ID photo


Graphic Credit: Natanya Katz ’21

Natanya Katz '21, Executive Editor-in-Chief

Senior year is full of rituals, beginning even on the first day of school.


Seniors — in celebration of their last year of high school and the freedom of knowing that their ID photos will not be the same photos posted above their name in the yearbook — often decide to take “silly’’ photos. Years past have witnessed seniors adorned in goth hair and makeup, posing with small pets, and dressed as their favorite TV/movie characters. 


This years’ seniors,  amidst a pandemic, are still striving to take part in as many senior year traditions as possible. 


I spoke to some of my classmates and inquired about the story behind their silly senior photo and asked “what does the ritual mean to you?”


Check out some of them below: 

This is my photo. It’s hard to see, but I’m holding up a spoonful of Sabra hummus to my mouth. Just below the border of the photo, I’m cradling the extra large tub in my arms. I absolutely LOVE hummus and do in fact eat it by the spoonful sometimes. By senior year I’m not really self-conscious anymore and I just want to be fully myself everyday which is what the senior ID photo allows for. It was just a little thing that gave me some room to express myself.
Emily Doehring ‘21 posed with her look-alike American Girl Doll. She expressed that she was super excited for her senior ID photo, “I finally didn’t have to worry about what I looked like and I could just have fun with it’’
Parker Miller ‘21 went for the classic banana-as-a-telephone. He explained that in the fully body photo, he has his pointer finger up shushing the camera.