Halloween with Covid-19


Photo Credit: popsugar.com

Jessie Singh '21, Editor-in-Chief

Americans in March 2020 experienced a scare of their own as the country shut down and many entered quarantine alone.

In October 2020, America is slowly returning to normalcy, with more businesses recovering, more schools going back full time, and more activities coming back to life. This slow return comes just in time for a beloved holiday for Americans, Halloween. 

Most children have fond memories of going trick or treating as little kids, donning costumes to collect sweets, and this tradition is something that many look forward to every year. However, with the presence of COVID-19, it is unsure if trick or treating will be allowed, and parents still might not want their children to be out on the streets this year.

Still, if trick or treating does not happen this year, there are many fun alternatives to this Fall/Halloween season that still can provide the joys of October


  1. Pumpkin Patching: Still a very child-friendly activity, going to a pumpkin patch brings along a multitude of various other activities along with it. Personally, I enjoyed going on hay rides and just having fun, but it is also fun to pick out pumpkins to carve cool designs and place outside front doors. This is more of just a Fall activity, but it is still integral to the Halloween experience. As a kid I frequently went to Russel Farms in Noblesville, which is close for many people that live in Carmel, but Hogan Farms in Brownsburg is another good option to enjoy the Fall weather.
  2. Scary Movie Watch Party: I’ll use the term “party” loosely here, because amidst a global pandemic parties should not be happening, but having a small, socially-distanced gathering of friends to watch some classic horror flicks can be a fun alternative to going out and trick or treating. Watching the monsters and characters that inspire so many costumes every year in action is something that can really bring Halloween full circle, and doing it with friends is the real treat. 
  3. Haunted Houses: Scary movies are reliable to provide a rush of adrenaline and a fast heart, but they are just movies. To really immerse yourself in Halloween, going to a haunted house to be scared in real life is the epitome of Halloween as an older teen or adult. While a few haunted houses are closed this year due to COVID, many are open, provided masks are worn, like Hannah Haunted Acres, Indy Scream Park, and Necropolis Underground Attractions. 
  4. Scaring or Pranking Friends: Doing things with friends can boost the enjoyment of any holiday, and Halloween is no exception to this. It is even better when you work with friends to scare other friends, especially when it is a prank. For me, I do not get scared easily by movies or haunted houses, but one time my brother scared me by hiding in my closet and jumping out with a mask, so pranking surely is an effective way to get a laugh from a scare on someone else.

    Photo Credit: popsugar.com