Covids Effect on Athletes


Cam Newton after recovering from Covid-19 Photo Credit: Eric J. Adler

Rhyse Sutherland '21, Sports Editor

Now that sports leagues have revamped their seasons and found new ways to continue to play through the virus, we have a safe and fun way to enjoy the sports we love; However, there’s still always a risk that the players can become infected with Covid in the middle of their season. A common question that is lingering around sports right now is how impactful the virus is on a players performance after they have been infected.

Several players in both the NFL and the NBA have contracted the virus and continued to play after they quarantined and were cleared. Although they are clear to play and no longer have the virus, many of these players struggle to perform at the same level after being infected. Rudy Gobert is one of the first major athletes to have the virus. He was infected on March 12, 2020. Before he was infected Rudy was averaging 18 points, 13 rebounds, and 1.5 assists. After the virus he averaged around 15 points, 10 rebounds, and less than 1 assist per game. Although he dropped in production, it is not an extreme loss so it is difficult to say it was caused by the virus. Cam Newton, a professional football player was very recently diagnosed with Corona. Before he got diagnosed he was on fire and was averaging over 200 yards per game with 7 touchdowns in 4 games. But after he returned he had a terrible performance with under 100 yards, no touchdowns, and 3 interceptions in one game. This drastic change in performance could only be attributed to the virus. These stats can only prove that the virus, even when a player is considered totally healthy, has a lingering effect that damages a players performance by a serious amount.

Many players are still being diagnosed with the virus and many more will, after more and more athletes get the virus more data will strengthen this argument. It is impossible not to notice the drastic differences in performances of athletes before and after having the virus. Whether playing at a professional or recreational level, the virus will always have a strong effect on someones athletic ability after contracting the virus.

Cam Newton after recovering from Covid-19
Photo Credit: Eric J. Adler