NBA Finals

Sam Marshall '22, Fun and Games Editor

This year’s weird but exciting NBA season had just recently come to a close. The Los Angeles Lakers, the favorites to win the title, faced off against the Miami Heat, a strong team that was undermined and considered underdogs for most of the tournament. The first two games are exactly what most expected with the Lakers winning both by a score of 116-98 in game 1 and 124-114 in game two. It seemed that the heat were done, but in game three they came to life, a 40 point performance from star player jimmy butler gave the heat a 115-104 win in game 3 meaning that the series was now 2-1 in favor of the lakers. Game 4 also went to the Lakers after Lebron James and Anthony Davis came together for a combined 50 points on the night to inch past the Heat 102-96. The series was now 3-1 in favor of the lakers and it looked like the heat would reach the end of their incredible playoff run. Game 5 in my opinion was the best game of the series, Lebron james and Anthony davis once again did not disappoint, lebron put up 40 points as Anthony davis put up 28, but that wouldn’t be enough in this game that came down to the wire, Jimmy Butler had 35 points and Duncan robinson had 26, this game would come down to the last seconds but the heat were able to escape with a narrow win and their championship hopes in tact after a missed 3 pointer from the lakers Danny Green, the heat would win 111-108. With the series now at 3-2 and most people expecting the series to go to a game 7, both teams knew what they had to do in this game to win, but in game 6 the lakers came out with a beautiful first half performance, at halftime the score was 64 to 36 in favor of the lakers and most fans knew that at this point the game was over, the heat made their best attempt at a come back but were finally defeated 106-93 by the lakers. This would be the Lakers 17th title and Lebrons 4th ring,lebron also won MVP of the finals. All in all, this was a fantastic way to wrap up the season with an exciting finals that most will not soon forget.