Virtual Concerts


Virtual COIN Concert Photo Credit: Elisabeth Porter ’23

Elisabeth Porter '23, Web and Media Editor

Recently, musicians have been creating virtual concerts for their fans to enjoy while stadiums and concert venues are closed due to the social distancing guidelines. Many of these virtual concerts have been created to raise money for many different charities. 


During these concerts you can expect a variety of different things. You can expect music, obviously, but you can also look forward to some special guests, interaction with the audience via webchat, and possibly some of the artist’s merch. These concerts usually last between 1-2 hours depending on the musician. 


Different concerts are held by different companies/venues. The most popular company I see that holds concerts is Veeps. They’re currently holding shows for Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Tom Felton, just to name a few. These concert tickets range from $15 – $30. 


Recently, I attended a virtual concert for the band COIN. It was a really enjoyable show to experience, given the circumstances of it being online and not seeing them in person It was completely live and they did almost their entire discography, which was very cool! They kept their concert online for four days after it occurred, in case some ticket holders experienced internet issues or couldn’t make it. So, in actuality, if you had tickets, you could’ve watched the concert multiple times during the course of those four days.


Overall I think that if you truly want to see someone perform a concert and you aren’t able to right now due to COVID, now is an excellent time to go to virtual concerts! They are cheap, fun, and a great Christmas present!

Virtual COIN Concert
Photo Credit: Elisabeth Porter ’23