The Queen’s Gambit Review


Beth playing Chess Photo Credit: Netflix

Maggie Boncosky ‘23, A&E Editor

Beth playing Chess
Photo Credit: Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit follows Beth Harmon from the time she is orphaned as a child, to her becoming a world chess champion at the age of 21. The story begins at Beth’s orphanage, a place that would end up heavily affecting her later life . She learns chess from a janitor in the basement, allowing both her teachers and peers to see her brilliance, but Beth also becomes frighteningly reliant on the insidious tranquilizer pills she is given to “even her disposition.” She often saves them for several days so that she can consume five or six all at once, saying she likes the way it makes her feel.


Beth is eventually adopted, and through hard work and immense dedication, she makes her way all the way to Moscow to face the eight Russian chess Grand Masters. What happens? You should watch and find out. The Queen’s Gambit is a compelling story, brilliant in its telling, and made real by the phenomenal actors. In addition, the game of chess has never been made as suspenseful, as exciting as in this show. Who knew a game so often dismissed as long, boring, and exhausting to play could have viewers on the edge of their seat.


This story is dark enough to make watching it a challenge, but rest assured, it is worth it. From the first game of chess played in a dingy orphanage, all the way to the last two words of the show, The Queen’s Gambit is beautiful, brilliant, and beyond worthy of your time.