Students React to the Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

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Maddie Siegel , Staff Writer

In response to the Presidential Inauguration, Brebeuf students experienced an array of emotions seeing President Biden and Vice President Harris sworn in on Inauguration Day. 


“I was extremely happy to see one of our own (Vice President Harris) in one of the highest political positions a person can hold in this country. I think that it’s crazy that my grandmother is able to tell me stories from her life about segregation and the fact that she nor anyone else with her skin color were able to vote”, says junior Josh Hall.


 We have come a long way in America, but there are still so many things that need to be accomplished for the marginalized in our society”, Hall continued. 


The Inauguration was exceedingly important among students, especially for young women and people of color because of Vice President Kamala Harris, and the diversity in President Biden’s cabinet. 


Senior Jania Hackett reflects on seeingVice President Harris at the Inauguration, 

“Growing up in predominantly white neighborhoods and schools, I never saw women, people of color in high positions, not even on Television shows. It was something that was seen as out of reach, it could never happen, and after all the chaos of 2020, it did,” Hackett said. 


“It feels amazing to see a person of color in such a high position. No woman or person of color has held the VP position, and for that Kamala Harris has opened doors for so many women and people of color. Seeing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sworn in felt like a new chapter had opened. One with equality and equity for all,” says senior Alia Hackett.


“Seeing Kamala Harris become Vice President made me very proud and hopeful because there was someone who represented females of color having such high authority, but I was also scared because of the storming of the Capitol building. That day was definitely an important day in history because of Vice President Harris,” says freshman Arianaa Doaks.


After a year of heightened racial tensions, a global pandemic, the impeachment of President Trump, many Brebeuf students are hopeful that this political shift will be the start of positive change in America.


Senior Zuri Williams commented on why this inauguration was important to him.

“ I would say this (the inauguration) was important because of everything happening in society. Being a black teen right is scary so I like that we have people in office who are willing to speak out on these problems”.


When asked about the inauguration, senior Maddie Mcgloin discussed how hopeful she was for this next administration. She added “Not to mention how excited I was to see the diversity within Biden’s cabinet and of course with Harris being a woman of African American and South Asian American ethnicity. Even as a white person, I am uncomfortable thinking of a predominantly white administration serving even for four more years and for young children of color continuing to grow up without representation in executive government”. 


Mcgloin continued, “children are the future of change, I think it is essential to provide them access to role models that they can identify with as further approval of their capabilities”.


“The deep love and connections expressed as Biden and Kamala shared little fist bumps, hugs, and smiles gave me an indescribable feeling as I was now able to see a light for a country that had been steadily declining over the past 4 years” says senior Lilly Gibson.  “The tone of the Inauguration, Biden and Kamala have instilled a sense of hope in me that I thought I would never have for our country again”, Gibson continued.

Maddie Mcgloin ’21
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Jania Hackett ’21
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Alia Hackett ’21
Photo Credit: Jania Hackett ’21
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