Taiwanese Students Visit Brebeuf

Ms. Chui Organizes First-Ever Exchange


Claire Roche , Staff Writer

For the first time ever, Brebeuf had the pleasure of hosting six students from Taiwan for two weeks at the end of April. Brebeuf has regularly hosted both Spanish and French exchange students for many years, but Chinese teacher Ms. Shihling Chui, who started at Brebeuf this past fall, took it into her own hands to launch a Chinese exchange program.

Having taught in Taiwan at the Taipei Municipal Chenggong Senior High School (CGSH) for ten years, it was easy for Chui to negotiate with school officials to create the program. CGSH is an all-boys school that has around 3,000 students enrolled; unlike Brebeuf, it only has three upper grade levels. The process of choosing eligible students for the program and the intense planning of events for them was difficult and time-consuming.

“There were twenty students from CGSH that applied for the exchange trip, but we had to narrow it down to only six based on their GPA, responsibility level, and ability to maintain their school grades while at Brebeuf,” Chui said. On top of that all, students also had to be interviewed.

While the Taiwanese students were at Brebeuf, they went on several field trips. They were taken to the Statehouse, where they met a state senator; they also visited Banker’s Life Fieldhouse, Lucas Oil Stadium, Emmis Communications, and got a campus tour of Indiana University. During school days at Brebeuf, Chui made sure to give the exchange students the full Brebeuf experience. During the class period when their host student was in Chinese class, they got sit in on several different Brebeuf art, music, and religion classes. They also participated in a half day of community service.

Brebeuf students who got the chance to host one of the exchange students include Dan Hipskind, Elliott Moore, Matt Davis, Brandon Donahue, Theron Walsh, and Dan Ingram. “Our host families took very good care of them. This is the first time hosting for a lot of families, and they all tried very hard. They really had fun,” Chui said.

The trip went so well and the students had so much fun that CGSH is now interested in sending students to Brebeuf every year. Brebeuf students enrolled in Shui’s Chinese Language class will also have the chance to go on an exchange trip to Taiwan next spring.

“I want to thank a lot of teachers for their help, and also the host families. Everyone has been very helpful, friendly, and welcoming,” Chui said.