Chief’s Summer of Fun

Brebeuf’s Top Dog Frolicks with Friends

Regan Wagner and Caroline Davis

Splashing into his first summer as Brebeuf’s top dog, Chief spent his days swimming, playing with his sister, going to the spa, and doing any and all things outdoors.  Worn out from a long freshman year at the Prep, this pup needed some time off.

Kicking off summer with a bang, Chief celebrated his first birthday with loving mother, Dean Brenda Adams and his sister, Maize.  “Chief sticks to his sister like glue,” said Adams.  After a long day of celebrating, Chief ended the day with his favorite sweet treat, a bone-shaped cake!

If not found with his sister, Chief spent the days of his summer break at the spa with his other puppy pals.  Chief was spotted at The Animal Den, a “resort hotel that is a unique luxury setting for your dog or cat,” according to the website.  Relaxing with friends and relieving stress, Chief really got pampered.

His sparkly coat didn’t stay clean for long, though.

Chief “loves to lay outside all day in the grass,” said Adams.  He has a little doggy door that allows him to easily go outside whenever he pleases, and because of his curiosity and love for the outdoors, Chief came went outside and came upon a dirty little bunny hole. Naturally, he decided to explore. Upon finding some baby bunnies, Chief decided to make some new friends. Chief’s enthusiasm took him overboard with these little creatures and sadly, two of the bunnies did not live to speak of this playdate.

“He just loves the outdoors! It doesn’t surprise me that he did that, he is always getting out of that little doggy door and chasing squirrels or barking at birds. It’s completely innocent, he just loves to make new friends!” said Mrs. Mckinney Torres.

This summer Chief even went for a swim in a couple of places.  He played on the banks of a river in Marott Park and really enjoyed himself although “he is genetically unable to swim’” according to Adams.  Chief also went “swimming” in Lake Michigan and some could say he had the “pure Michigan” experience.

Chief had a fun and busy summer relaxing and doing many different activities.  Going to the spa, playing with his friends, swimming, and celebrating his birthday made Chief’s summer the best it could have been.