Pet Adoption Saves Lives


Regan Wagner and Caroline Davis

Do you like owning dogs or cats? Do you like to save lives? Well what if this article told you that you can do both?

The Indianapolis Humane Society houses hundreds of pets that are anxiously awaiting their adoption. Every year, the Humane Society helps over 3,000 pets. Adoption fees range from $20 to around $250. The average dog is housed in the Humane Society for two to three weeks. If you are interested in adopting a pet at the Humane Society, call 317-872-5650.

Indy Feral is a cat adoption and rescue in downtown Indianapolis.  According to their website, Indy Feral “is responsible for the cultural shift in the city of Indianapolis to fix and care for the city’s stray, dumped or feral cats.” Katie Crossin, a Brebeuf senior, adopted two cats at Indy Feral through their barn cat program. “We went to Indy Feral to adopt one cat but ended up adopting two cats because they were going to euthanize one,” Crossin said.  

There are many places all over Indiana that offer pet adoptions, and it is very important to adopt, not shop, for pets. The pets and shelters are very grateful for families that give them another chance at life.